Toyota to Develop Moon-Exploring Car with Japan Space Agency | ‘Lunar’ Cruiser?

Toyota is joining the race to the Moon, developing its moon-exploring car with Japan’s space agency, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA, known as the Lunar Cruiser.

The Sun shines on the Toyota logo at the world’s largest auto dealership, Longo Toyota, which enjoys continued strong sales after a record quarterly report for Toyota April 24, 2007 in El Monte, California. Japan-based Toyota has announced that it has overtaken American auto giant General Motors (GM) with worldwide sales reaching 2.35 million cars and trucks in the first quarter of 2007.

As per the news story by SyFy, NASA is one of the contenders of the attempt to bring back humans to the surface of the Moon.

However, its crew landing mission has been facing a couple of delays lately, pushing its supposed 2024 crewed Artemis mission for another year or in 2025.

It is worth noting that NASA or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is working in collaboration with private space firms, such as SpaceX and Blue Origin in its attempt to return astronauts to the Moon.