Interior Design for Spacecraft

Guest Speaker: Marie-Lise BaronExternal Consultant chez Axiom SpaceFounder / CEO / Instructor at The Baron InstituteFounder / CEO / Marie-Lise Baron DesignSenior Private Jet Designer

Space Entrepreneurship

Guest Speaker: Elizabeth ReynoldsAccelerator Program Director Accelerator Program DirectorStarburst Aerospace

Space is For Everyone

Guest Speaker: Alexandria BacaVice President of Naut Normal‘21 Patti Grace Smith Fellow‘22 AIAA Diversity ScholarAerospace Engineering Student at University of Central Florida

Space History

Guest Speaker: Grace JonesPh.D. Candidate, Texas A & M UniversityHuman Space Flight Specialist at The Aerospace Corporation

Explore.Space AND KARMAN Fellowship

Guest Speaker: Hélène HubyCo-Founder & CEO at The Exploration CompanyCo-Founder & ChairmanCo-Founder & Chairman, Karman Project

Space Law

Guest Speaker: Hannah AshfordCommunity & Strategic Partnerships for Space, The Karman Project & The Exploration Company


Guest Speaker: Ian LauerAstrophotographer | Adventure Astronomer


Guest Speaker: Beverly BerekianTeacher/professor at AUHSD, NOCCCD, CERRITOS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT


Guest Speaker: Elise RubioScience Teacher, Redwood High School


Guest Speaker: Anne HamlinResearch Associate at Northern Arizona University | Center for Science Teaching and Learning