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Lunar Surface Science Workshop, Virtual Session 10: Fundamental and Applied Lunar Surface Research in Physical Sciences

August 18, 2021 August 19, 2021 UTC+0

The NASA Biological and Physical Sciences Division is hosting a workshop on fundamental and applied research on the Moon in physical sciences on August 18–19, 2021. This workshop will bring together the scientific community, commercial companies, and NASA Divisions and Programs with the goals of discussing investigations on reduced gravity and lunar environmental effects in physical sciences research for sustained lunar human habitation and in preparation for human exploration to Mars and to inform and inspire the science community to contribute white papers for the Biological and Physical Sciences Decadal Survey.

This physical sciences workshop will focus on:

  • Lunar dust and its properties, behavior, and mitigation
  • Life support and thermal management
  • Materials flammability and habitat fire safety
  • Extraction of water-ice from regolith research, including separation, purification, electrolysis, and liquefaction
  • Lunar environment and its effects on materials
  • Lunar research in extraction, processing, and handling
  • Lunar research for advanced manufacturing

The call for abstracts will open May 3, 2021. Solicited abstracts will be limited to 3,000 characters, and an abstract pdf is not required.