Airbus To Design Qosmosys’ ‘ZeusX’ Moon Mission

On Feb. 15th, Airbus Defence and Space has signed an agreement with Qosmosys, a company headquartered in Singapore and with a local presence in France and the United States, where Airbus will provide technical design and engineering services for Qosmosys’ ZeusX concept; comprising a commercial lunar landing service with extraction capabilities of local resources such as helium-3.

“Working with innovative start-ups worldwide – like Qosmosys here in Singapore – is fully in line with Airbus’ purpose of pioneering sustainable aerospace hand-in-hand with the entire space ecosystem. The Moon is a key destination for Airbus, and by providing our technological expertise to Qosmosys we can further demonstrate our leading design and engineering capabilities” said Johan Pelissier, Head of Asia Pacific at Airbus Defence and Space, during the contract signature at this week’s GSTC Conference in Singapore.

“The ability to land on the Moon and explore its surface will become a key capability in the next decade,” says Francois Dubrulle, CEO of Qosmosys. “Indeed, many institutional and commercial actors are already planning to come and stay permanently on the Moon in the coming years to develop a sustainable lunar ecosystem. The necessity to extract local resources in a responsible manner is therefore of utmost importance for a viable presence and exploration and we are very pleased to have been able to contract the experienced Airbus teams to support our design and engineering efforts. This collaboration is an important step in making ZeusX a reality.”